Helping You Enjoy Your Wealth Today Without Having to Worry About Running Out Tomorrow

You’ve worked too hard for too long to not enjoy what you’ve built. We strive to help retirees and those making their exit to maximize income and minimize taxes so they can maximize living.


Breathe Easy – You’re at Exit 59

Our firm’s name—Exit 59 Advisory—is a metaphor for life’s journey. Our favorite Exit 59 is off I-95, a busy highway along the East Coast, to Guilford, Connecticut. Driving into the quaint town, you catch sight of the dense woods and inhale the salty sea air. As you clear the woods, an expansive waterfront appears seemingly all around you. Life immediately slows down.

To us, I-95 represents your working life. It’s a long journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, starts and stops. But when you reach Exit 59, you can relax and breathe easy, knowing you’ve made it. Likewise, at Exit 59 Advisory, our goal is to give you the confidence necessary to truly enjoy your freedom.


Stock Market or Market of Stocks?

Stock Market or Market of Stocks?

Over my 40+ years of being involved in the business of professional investment practice, I have been blessed by being in the United States. Since coming into this business as a young man, I have witnessed good and bad times, but the good experiences outnumber the...

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